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The whole idea is to do something for someone you DON'T know, as anonymously as you can. Get them in turn to "Pass it on" when it is appropriate to do so.

- Buy someone coffee, or leave a few dollars and tell the the next few people in get a free cup... leave "Pass it on cards".
- Help someone carry bags to their car.
- Pick up lunch for someone who looks like they could really use it.
- Hand food out to people on the street.
- Drop off a flower to random people at work, who look like they could use a little pick up.
- Help an elder cross the street
- Try to find the owner of a stray pet.
- Give extra coats or clothes to people who can use them.
- Compliment someone on how nice they look
- Donate your time to a charity.
- Have a fund raiser at your school.
- Give a lottery ticket to a stranger.
- Bring some goodies to the fire station.
- Forgive some who might have wronged you in the past, and do them a favor.
- Be a mentor.
- Walk someone's dog.
- Buy the movie tickets for the person behind you.
- Mow someone's lawn.
- Shovel someone's walkway.
- Babysit for free.

If you have any other good ideas that you would like to share, please send them in!

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