This site has been put together to help inspire goodwill between people, "Random Acts of Kindness", "Paying it Forwad" or whatever you want to call it.  The idea is simple, help someone out and in exchange get them to help someone else out. If you think about it, your one good deed continues down the line and ends up helping out many people.  The second reason  for the site is to become a web portal for free donation through clicking sites.  These sites are great, and are also a very simple idea, click on a button, have a sponsor ad pop up, and raise money towards worth while causes.

We appreciate you visiting, please return often and tell as many people as possible.  The only way we will know if this is working is by the number of people who visit the site, and how many "Good Deeds" that we log on our counter.  This page and the promotion of this page is all done by volanteers, no money is raised and in nobody financially profits from it.  We hope that through the power of the internet that this site makes it by word of mouth around the world, and we will collect as many inspiring stories as people send them in so that you can see the benifits too.  Thanks again, we hope to see you back soon!

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-Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of "Pay it Forward" which was later adapted
into a major Warner Brothers feature film, is linking give-web.com
from her payitforwardmovement.org web site. (Visit...........)

-The Beta version of the web site, although still under construction, is launched.

-The first few give web "Good Deed" cards hit the streets